day 1: lose all psychological momentum built up over the weekend by postponing visit to gym. finally go to gym, take tour, feel certain that everybody is staring: who is the new girl? suddenly become too self-conscious to stay and work out. (besides, it’s enough that i took the step to get here. right?  RIGHT?)

sit in lounge. flip through information packet. get up to ask about childcare (since childcare was one of the prime attractions of this gym). learn there is no more childcare for now, but that it may start up again in the summer. drive home, feel remaining momentum (no childcare? no childcare!) drain from my bones.

day 2:  after much hemming and hawing and to-do-ing about nothing, go to a p.m. pilates class. ouch. in a good way.

day 3: wake up, anticipating serious post-exercise pain. am surprised that none is there. remember that we have dinner plans at 6:30, which can be postponed until 7:30, especially if i explain the delay by telling entertaining stories about my time at the gym. spend morning discussing with mac whether/when he’ll train, whether/when i’ll go to the gym, whether/when our sitter is coming over.

go to dinner. at 6:30.

day 4: wake up, find post-exercise pain. (it’s not called DOMS for nothing.) hobble around the house all morning. try not to make any sudden moves. begin, slowly, to feel my smug-o-meter climb as the DOMS subside and i have visions of myself getting back into shape.

do not go to gym.

day 5: wake up with back-ache (induced, i believe, by curling around a nursing baby for most of the night). get dressed, head to gym for a core strengthening class followed by a dance class. find the core class challenging but not impossible. make my way to the dance class, a good 10 years older and four babies heavier than the next oldest person in the room, and a good deal whiter in my moves. have fun. realize that fun is not always pretty.

day 8: decide that gym is not for me, what with no childcare *and* no follow-up phone call from perky front desk person to see whether i’m going to join. feel gym is irresponsible for lack of said follow-through.  

spite gym by signing up for independent pilates classes.