(what follows is not sanctioned medical advice, just the experience of one lone bfing mama):

this is me, joining the chorus of voices singing the praises of galactologues. since i started with the fenugreek i’ve continued to take it, even with the addition of domperidone. i’m taking 12-16 pills of 610 mg strength per day, i smell like a pile of pancakes (and so, occasionally, does boo)  and even before starting the domperidone i’d seen my milk increase. so huzzah and hurrah for fenugreek.

so, too, for domperidone. and my advice? if you order it without a prescrption, order it through InHouse Pharmacy rather than through 1DrugStoreOnline (both resources, and more, can be found here.) it may very well be the boojie in me, but i’ve ordered from both and am far more comfy with IHP. for starters, they’re not afraid to list what they’ve sold on your credit card bill: it shows up as “internet medicine.” not so with 1DSO, which lists one of several totally unrelated possibilities; mine was “media epay, Bangkok.” so that’s a little weird.

then there is the packaging. my media epay package was a brown envelope cushioned with miniature-bubble wrap and a postmark from thailand; the pills are in foil pouches inside of that, with the name of the medicine and the pharmacy printed on the foil. i didn’t think twice about that presentation, until i received the internet medicine package — in a box rather than an envelope, with smaller boxes of packaged medicine inside. now, i’m not quite loopy enough to believe that packaging is any kind of indicator of quality, especially since the (arguably unnecessary) smaller boxes of 100 pills (3 such boxes in my order) could also be conceived as simply a waste of green resources. still, i somehow felt better buying online meds from a pharmacy that sent boxes of meds that looked innocent enough to come off of any grocer’s shelves, and who, more than anything else, didn’t seem to be hiding anything.

lastly, the names. not of the online pharmacy, but of the drug and the pharmaceutical company that makes it. several resources list the pharmacy that makes the drug as “Jansenn Claag.” scary, then, when the pharmaceutical company’s name pops up as “Janssen-Cilag.” when i saw this at 1DSO i was certain that the typo was the fault of their own site, and worried (rightly so, i believe) that a company who won’t list its wares on your bill of sale and who misspells the name of the product’s maker were suspect. but then IHP also lists “Janssen-Cilag” and lo and behold the drugs themselves list “Janssen-Cilag.” turns out the breastfeeding sites — jack newman’s, breastfeeding online, etc. — are the mistaken ones here. (if i’m wrong, i’d love to be corrected — i’d love to make sure i have this information straight.) and if my cursory internet searches are to be trusted (itself a question, remember) then this JC group is reliable. sure, their presence is not strong in the u.s., but that can hardly be counted against them now, can it?

the question remains why i ordered “motilium (brand)” from 1DSO but received “motilium-m (generic)” instead. no matter; it didn’t seem to hurt. and i’ve now got the designer rather than generic pills, i’m taking the appropriate dose (3 pills, 3x/day), and my milk has increased above the levels achieved by mere fenugreek alone.

all of which is to say: obviously take the age-old advice to fix bf problems first: work on baby’s latch, nurse the baby long enough, etc etc. but when a girl and her babes need an extra boost, don’t be afraid of the supplements. in my experience (and highly unmedical opinion), they can be a family’s best friend.