the fenugreek had most certainly been doing its job. there were times i was able to nurse boo in the cradle hold and pump the other side, and pump 4 oz out of one breast — a teaty-feat unheard of in my nursing life with bitsy. adding the domperidone seemed to boost things even a bit more.

hooray, i thought, and quit with the fenugreek. not realizing that i was totally misdosing myself.

having confused, until just this minute, 30 mg/3x day with 30mg total, (taken in 10mg/3xday increments), i was unclear why my supply seemd to be dropping. i chalked it up to the travel (although i will confess that i  was the woman you saw nursing her infant in the car, sans proper restraining seats and belts) and then to the stress of having our schedules thrown. but just now, while pumping at work, i decided to use my one-free hand (those hands-free doohickies are marketing scams, i tell you) i browsed back through some articles on domperidone, and this time read them, um, more carefully. thus fortified with new numbers, i will now proceed to increase my domperidone dose to something closer to normal. and may all my cups soon runneth o’er. seriously, because leaving too little milk at home for boo while i pump at work, staring at pictures of the boy on flickr, is not my idea of a good time.