so i’ve been doping up on the fenugreek, and i finally started smelling the lovely odor of maple syrup wafting off my body, the “sure sign” that i’m taking the right amount. li’l boo is chubbing up –although not, i fear, as fast the doctor will want (he’ll let me know on monday). most strangely and unexpectedly, boo’s  diapers have been, let’s just say, off.

anyone with fenugreek experience? is it true what i read, that i can quit taking it now that my supply is increased — or is that just courting disaster?  is it normal for boo’s bottom to be. . .not quite normal?

the domperidone still has not arrived. at this point i have only one bottle of pumped milk in the fridge, with no more in the freezer. i go back to work (in the office) on 12/1, and our turkey-day trips next week will keep me from building up a stash. (what am i supposed to do? ship it home on dry ice?)

lucky for us, i guess, that similac and enfamil have predicted my failure as a mother stash-building drama and have seen fit to send me loads of free samples. at least somebody will manage to feed my child.

**edited to add:

mere minutes after posting this the domperidone arrived via certified mail. i stared at it all afternoon and most of the evening, sweating maply-syrupy-bullets. finally did some research about the pharmaceutical company. found out that, contrary to my expectation that they are some freak-zone kids shipping pills on a lark, they are a reputable subsidiary of a reputable u.s. company.  i thought they might not be, given that i’ve seen their name spelled two different ways and had assumed that they way it was spelled on my invoice was some hide-me-from-the-feds typo. not so.

and now: let the milk flow forth.